Brenna Weeks

Brenna Weeks is a New York based fashion photographer who just graduated from Art Center College of Design with a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) as of Spring 2015.

Growing up in a divided household I got to see both ends of the workspace spectrum, my father, a photographer reveling in creativity and my mother stuck in a corporate office from 9-5. At 4 years old I decided that I would never want to waste my life as a corporate drone, wasting my life away behind a desk. So I would suppose the inception of the thought of taking photos began when I was 5 years old, stuck in the back of the car on the way to a family reunion and watching the world whiz by my window while I sat there taking mental captures of the beautiful landscapes passing by and wishing I had a camera in hand to capture a frozen moment. From that point further I always had a camera in hand, going around the house capturing anything and everything, filling a card, deleting the contents of the card then going out and shooting once again. Fashion has always been close to my heart, also starting at a young age by trying to capture the beauty of the red carpet gowns I watched on the television by attempting to sketch them but by lacking the pen to paper talent, I soon gave up on that and so shooting fashion photography came hand-in-hand and it is everything I could have wished for and more. To be able to collaborate, create with other artists, the whole production process, working with hair/makeup artists, designers, stylists, ect. ect. to create something magical enough to make someone stop and stare, to make an interpretation about my work, to create their own narratives about what they see in their own minds, for after all an image is worth a thousand words. But the real reason why I chose the only profession that just so happens to be the only profession that happens to have the word "starving" in front of it is, I cannot picture myself doing anything else. This is the dream job. 

Brenna Weeks is currently endorsed by Fuji Film North America. 

Where else you can find me:

Instagram: @brennaw

Email: brenna.weeks@gmail.com

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